Why Hire Me

A self-managing contributor who won't waste your time

I'am very comftable working as an independent contractor since the beginning of my career and I don't need constant hand-holding in order to be productive. I know when to make decisions independently and when to ask for additional information or help.

⛵️ To ship a polished product with minimal overhead

I've proven my ability to ship products by myself, or with another back-end developer when met with complexity that warrants an additional hire. You don't need to spend resources on a designer either. I will design your product on the fly and still produce admirable results.

😌 To reduce risks associated with hiring someone

When dealing with agencies clients often end up being locked into rigid contracts. I prefer signing a simple, flexible contract which you can terminate (knock on wood 🌲).

Get in touch 👋

I'm happy to talk business or simply give you some free advice. If both sides see value in working together, we’ll move forward. If not, that's okay too. Worst case we both had a nice chat and received some free feedback.

Send me an email at mrbouaggadmoez@gmail.com

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